Grammar Grooves

Introducing Grammar Grooves:
a software program that leaves kids begging for more!

Grammar Grooves is a highly innovative, interactive grammar instruction program. Its design allows grammar to come alive while making it easy for all students to learn. Grammar Grooves has proven successful with a multitude of learning styles, offering differentiated lessons which incorporate kinesthetic, auditory, and visual modalities. This program captivates students while building confidence in their writing skills.

Grammar Grooves
The 21st century School House Rock
Students and teachers will enjoy grammar instruction.
Students connect grammar to real life.
Understanding the basics of grammar allows students to create higher level sentences, increasing writing scores.
Actively engages students; grammar activities that leave students eagerly anticipating the next day’s lesson.

Targeted Audience:
3-8th grade classroom instruction
Great for skill reinforcement for all grade levels
Targets ALP, IEP, ILP, ELL, and regular education

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